The new creation of the GOM series, by the VILA brand


The new creation of the GOM series , by the VILA brand, corresponds to the new semi-chisel consisting of 35x35 mm arms and equipped with an elastomer fastening system.

A system already known in the market, combined with robustness, quality and our experience in the manufacture of large machinery.

Manufactured in a suspended or trailed version, they range from models from 5.50 meters to 12 meters wide.

The suspended models are equipped with a powerful central frame, hydraulic safety lock, light plate and reflective frames, all this added to the possibility of putting different types of roller, harrows, etc ...

In the trailed version ( APPROVED with DOCUMENTATION ), we have taken advantage of our long experience in the manufacture of this type of implement (more than 25 years) adapting our equipment to this new type of arm, in order to be able to offer a high-quality alternative to when equipping high-powered tractors.


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