FIMA 2018


A new edition of FIMA is approaching and we will be there, to show you a selection of our most representative teams.
In compaction you can see models like the COMAX-16 m. manufactured in 5 bodies, the REX-10 m. and the COMPAC SUPER roller with blade.
In soil preparation we will have the hydro-pneumatic chisel, manufactured for the hardest and most complicated works, the suspended vertical half-shell CR-VER-32 of 6.40 m. and the trailed cultivator BVM-46B of 9 m.
In fertilizer we will have the well-known SV-6, the SV-3 designed for fruit farms and the small SV-1 for vineyards.
And also equipment for vineyard cultivation, the harrows for ecological agriculture Aerostar or the rakes RECO for direct sowing.
As a novelty, the new range of fast bleachers dragged, specifically you can see a version of 6 m. equipped with harrow and curved angular roller.
We are looking forward to your visit !!