DEMOAGRO Specialty 2019


During the first week of October we moved to the province of Valencia, specifically the population of Turís.
This time we went to the 1st edition of DEMOAGRO Specialty . A dynamic event dedicated exclusively to SPECIAL CROPS such as: Vineyard, fruit trees, citrus fruits and nuts.
During these last months, we have expanded our range of accessories to adapt the models: SV-1, SV-2, SV-3 and SV-4. to any type of special crop.
In this way we have achieved that our range of VILA subscribers of the SV series , which are all dragged, is currently one of the most complete ranges on the market ... with different product possibilities to apply (such as fertilizers Chemicals and / or minerals, various types of manure, pellet products or calcareous products) together with different application options.
In this way we are managing to bring VILA brand products closer, not only to large cereal producers (our specialty) but also to other customer profiles such as: Large winemakers, nut producers, citrus growers, etc. ....
Taking advantage of our satisfactory experience in these teams, especially in southern Europe (Portugal, Spain and France) and in countries as far away as Mexico can be.
All this, together with a small representation of soil preparation equipment , such as: Expandable cultivators, suspended rollers, suspended maneuvering of great maneuverability, fast stands of reduced dimensions .....
From VILA agricultural machinery , we are very grateful to all the people ( customers, business representatives and friends ) who visited us and showed great interest in our manufactured and represented products.
See you next February at FIMA 2020 !!